Re: [dwm] irssi/mutt in status bar

From: Martin Sander <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 19:49:38 +0100

> How can i achive to have some notification in my status bar displaying
> for example if new messages have arrived in mutt/irssi?

For new emails I have a crontab entry that runs

fetchmail -c|fetchmail -c | sed -e 's/[-A-Za-z().]*//g' -e 's/ /-/' |bc > ~/.dwm/mailcheck

every 5 minutes. Of course this is not the best solution if you
automatically download mail to your local mail spool every now and
then, but I use IMAP so it fits my needs.

for irssi I use the script to write "MSG" to a
statusfile everytime irssi would beep (you can set that with
beep_msg_level), e.g. for personal messages or when your name is
I haven't quite figured out how to reset the statusfile, my first
idea (the one I am trying right now) is to have an extra tag for
irc, and to blank the file when the shortcut for that view is
pressed, but that obviously won't reset the file when messages
arrive during the time the irssi-tag is viewed..
Ideas are welcome.
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