Re: [dwm] colors (re: Again client titles and nmaster indicator)

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 20:05:00 +0100

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 06:43:51PM +0100, y i y u s wrote:
> >
> >That are 14 colors! Too much in my eyes for a small status bar.
> >
> >Instead of your proposal I propose the following, which is a
> >simplification of current colorscheme:
> >
> >[UN]FOCUSCOLOR -> used for focused/unfocused borders
> >NORM{BG,FG}COLOR -> used for bar bg, unselected tags, mode,
> > status [and dmenu normal stuff]
> >SEL{BG,FG}COLOR -> used for selected tags, title [and dmenu normal stuff]
> >
> >That are 6 colors!
> >
> They are just some defines, I think in main dwm it could have the
> fourteen colors (or so many as it is neccesary) and you could allways
> do:
> for example. I know this goes against the less lines of code
> philosophy, but these lines of code: 1. don't add any bit to the
> compiled dwm, as they are just constants. 2. it doesn't add complexity
> to the code (I think it makes it a bit clearer).
> It is just a suggestion, I thought it would be the most diplomatic
> solution, but I don't really matter (you shouldn't even spend your
> time answering this email...). FYI I'm using the same number of colors
> than Anselm, except I have one more for mode and status fg.

It is a delusion to believe that 14 colors are the same
complexity than 6 colors. First of all, if you allow to define
14 colors, you have to add least manage initialization and
referencing of 7 color tuples.

Second it is much more complex to find a decent 14 color scheme,
than a decent 6 color scheme (- and the more colors one allows
the uglier color schemes get in general -).

Your proposal would scale with current color scheme. But with
much more code and for an effort which is unfair to those who
simply can stay with 6 colors only. Those who can't, can patch
the code anyways, so this is no big deal for all users.


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