Re: [dwm] Greyish blobs

From: Anydot <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 00:55:01 +0200

On (04/06/07 00:46), Sebastian Goll wrote:
> This is still a problem in current dwm versions (changeset 913). Perhaps
> I can investigate in this matter, but unfortunately I'm no expert in dwm
> codebase and/or X programming, so I'd appreciate any hints regarding the
> problem.
> First of all I don't understand how any window could possibly end up not
> being managed by the window manager (dwm), as obviously happens to those
> "greyish blobs" (they appear on all tags, receive no focus etc.) Is this
> a bug in dwm, or how can a window "decide" to stay unmanaged? Is there a
> way for dwm to simply hide those windows?

Imho that windows has set up the override_redirect, and if yes then this
is then problem of used application NOT dwm. Try xprop, it iirc print
state of override_redirect.

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