Re: [dwm] feature request: moving/resizing without mouse

From: Sander van Dijk <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:53:52 +0200

On 8/30/07, anhnmncb <> wrote:
> Thank you for your advice, I think it's just a personal preference.

No doubt, I actually prefer the keyboard (and the shell) for many
tasks as well, I just wanted to point out that there are some tasks at
which the mouse is actually better (and I consider manual window
resizing to be one of them).

> Plan 9... Heard of long long ago, is it so powerful? Is it still alive?

Some will say yes, some will say no (to both questions). Anyway, it
uses the mouse in ways I hadn't seen before, and are quite
interesting. Plan 9 is definitely worth to learn about (a good start
are the papers at However, if
you just want to try out Acme though, I suggest to install plan9port
(it's a port of many of the Plan 9 programs to unix like systems, see

> P.S. I think your English is very good, not like me :(

Thanks, but I meant that "Pardon my English" as "Sorry for the harsh
language". Turns out that the actual expression is "Pardon my French"
though, so I guess my English isn't that great after all :-)
I had no trouble understanding your English btw, so don't worry about that.

Gr. Sander.
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