[dwm] mouse vs keyboard issues

From: none <lordkrandel_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 12:42:19 +0200

"Sander van Dijk" <a.h.vandijk_AT_gmail.com> writes:
>>It's just that I get a little tired of this anti-mouse attitude that
shows up
>>every once in a while. This is 2007, the mouse (pointing devices in
>>is part of your computer.

My humble opinion is: every mouse operation should rely on mouse only.
Alt + RightClick and Alt + LeftClick should be avoided, and some other
combination should be given. Dwm lacks mouse control of the workspace.

Suppose that I'm drinking coffee with my left hand and I'm browsing some
site with mouse in the right one. What if an evil popup appears?

I'm trying to eliminate the "focus client on mouseover" thing and to
create a
"close client" ("X"), a "focusnext" ("->") and a "focusprev" (<-) buttons
on the dwm bar.

You could say "bloat!" but the "toggletag" buttons on the dwm bar are
redundant and useful too. Tell me your ideas!


Where is the "focus client on mouseover code"? Event.c->"enternotify" ?
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