Re: [dwm] feature request: moving/resizing without mouse

From: anhnmncb <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:25:38 +0800

"Sander van Dijk" <> writes:

> On 8/30/07, anhnmncb <> wrote:
>> Thanks for all replies.
>> I think dwm should be keyboard-driven, so the functions mouse
>> moving/resizing should be changed to keyboard moving/resizing :)
> Pardon my English, but that is absolute nonsense. The floating layer
> is mainly intended for applications that don't fit the tiling
> paradigm, and 9 out of 10 of such applications are mouse driven
> anyway. With that in mind _replacing_ mouse based moving/resizing with
> keyboard shortcuts doesn't make any sense. _Adding_ some functions to
> allow changing the size and position of windows with keyboard
> shortcuts would be ok I guess, but I think it's probably better to do
> that in a separate patch (I believe it would be possible to simply put
> all the needed stuff in say kbmovres.[ch] and then include kbmovres.h
> in config.h. Neat and clean).
> Greetings, Sander.
> PS. This is not intended as a flame, and not intended as a personal
> attack either. It's just that I get a little tired of this anti-mouse
> attitude that shows up every once in a while. This is 2007, the mouse
> (pointing devices in general) is part of your computer.
> PPS. The main reason you dislike the mouse is probably because you've
> never seen a system that puts it to good use. If you're interested,
> try the Acme editor (of the Plan 9 operating system, also part of
> plan9port) for a while. Chances are you'll have to revise your
> oppinion about the mouse.
Thank you for your advice, I think it's just a personal preference.

Plan 9... Heard of long long ago, is it so powerful? Is it still alive?

P.S. I think your English is very good, not like me :(

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