Re: [dwm] mouse vs keyboard issues

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:40:20 +0200

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 12:42:19PM +0200, none wrote:
> "Sander van Dijk" <> writes:
> >>It's just that I get a little tired of this anti-mouse attitude that
> shows up
> >>every once in a while. This is 2007, the mouse (pointing devices in
> general)
> >>is part of your computer.
> My humble opinion is: every mouse operation should rely on mouse only.
> Alt + RightClick and Alt + LeftClick should be avoided, and some other
> combination should be given. Dwm lacks mouse control of the workspace.

Argh! I can't live without them!

> Suppose that I'm drinking coffee with my left hand and I'm browsing some
> site with mouse in the right one. What if an evil popup appears?

I just right-click the title bar to close the window using my mouse-click.
It makes the dwm more mousefriendly.

> I'm trying to eliminate the "focus client on mouseover" thing and to
> create a
> "close client" ("X"), a "focusnext" ("->") and a "focusprev" (<-) buttons
> on the dwm bar.

Please, test my mouse-clicks patch before writing this.

When i was an icewm user the 'not focus on mouseover' approach make me
feel conformartable and productive, but, after a year being a dwm and wmii
user I can say that it makes the mouse more productive, so you don't have
to make stupid clicks all the time.

My patch uses mouse wheel on client title to focusnext()/focusprev() it's
far more productive/minimalistic than removing the focus client on mouse
over and drawing stupid buttons for window managing.


  153 if(ev->x > x + blw)
  154 switch(ev->button) {
  155 case Button1: zoom(NULL); break;
  156 case Button2: togglefloating(NULL); break;
  157 case Button3: killclient(NULL); break;
  158 case Button4: focusprev(NULL); break;
  159 case Button5: focusnext(NULL); break;
  160 }

> You could say "bloat!" but the "toggletag" buttons on the dwm bar are
> redundant and useful too. Tell me your ideas!


I tend to never tag more than one tag at a time. looks confusing to me,
but yup, it's useful. Maybe the one only I use (not much times) is 'alt-0'
(expose all clients of all tags).

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