Re: [dwm] mouse vs keyboard issues

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 16:40:06 +0200

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 02:04:56PM +0200, none wrote:
> pancake wrote:
> >When i was an icewm user the 'not focus on mouseover' approach make me
> >feel conformartable and productive, but, after a year being a dwm and wmii
> >user I can say that it makes the mouse more productive, so you don't have
> >to make stupid clicks all the time.
> >
> >My patch uses mouse wheel on client title to focusnext()/focusprev() it's
> >far more productive/minimalistic than removing the focus client on mouse
> >over and drawing stupid buttons for window managing.
> >
> I installed dwm from the Archlinux repo, so I can't compile atm, but I
> will try your patch.
> (Yeah, I will uninstall and compile myself later, I just installed dwm
> before the browser)
> Since your patch is not in the small patch list on, I
> couldn't really know

Oh, yes, I sent a mail with the patch few days ago and nobody reply me,
so I understand that there's no people interested with it, so i decided
not to put on the wiki. (But i'll, so I got 1 reply! ;D)

> about that. Just tell me what is the "client title": The client title on
> the dwm bar? I'm

Yes, I mean the dwm bar (where the client's title is show)

> unsure because once there was also a title bar _on_ the client which I
> don't actually
> see any more (so much the better). Looks like a pretty good solution!

Let me know :) I feel very confortable with it.

> I hate the 'focus on mouseover' because when I'm entering text in a
> dialog, while
> bringing my right hand on the keyboard I move by accident my optical
> mouse out of
> the dialog client area. (Once I found myself writing my password in #dwm!)
> Then I have to move again the mouse over the dialog and retype my pass.

Don't worry, I was not there ;)

> If I want to change focus and I have hands on keyboard, I use an Alt-Tab /
> Alt-Shift-Tab way to change focus between clients and I wouldn't use
> "stupid clicks all the time" :)

With my patch you can change the focused client by using the mouse wheel on the
dwm status bar.

> Thx for help,
> Wyrmskull


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