Re: [dwm] mouse vs keyboard issues

From: Alexander Polakov <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:20:29 +0400

* none <> [070830 16:09]:
> I hate the 'focus on mouseover' because when I'm entering text in a dialog,
> while
> bringing my right hand on the keyboard I move by accident my optical mouse
> out of
> the dialog client area. (Once I found myself writing my password in #dwm!)
> Then I have to move again the mouse over the dialog and retype my pass.
So do I. Commented out
if((c = getclient(ev->window)))
in event.c
but it has a side-effect: you need to click twice if you want to press a
button on unfocused client, first for focusing and second for pressing,
that's very annoying IMHO.
> If I want to change focus and I have hands on keyboard, I use an Alt-Tab /
> Alt-Shift-Tab way to change focus between clients and I wouldn't use
> "stupid clicks all the time" :)

> Thx for help,
> Wyrmskull

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