[dwm] Patches for hg tip (was Re: please test hg tip and lemme know any issues)

From: Chris Webb <chris_AT_arachsys.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 12:14:40 +0100

"Anselm R. Garbe" <arg_AT_suckless.org> writes:

> I keep in mind testing the togglemax-patch, but please let me
> know any issues in hg tip.

Working nicely here. I haven't been able to crash it nor persuade it to
behave strangely. The single dwm.c without any header files is indeed
easier to work with.

I ported both of my patches over to hg tip dwm (attached), removing the
ncols = 0 and nrows = 0 cases in the process (as suggested by pancake),
which simplified the code a bit.

For my own use, I've also ported the fibonacci and monocle layouts which
I use from time to time, and attached the combined patch which applies on
top of my 'pertag' tree, in case it's of use to anybody. The code is
slightly briefer in my copy of fibonacci but functionally identical.



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