Re: [dwm] Window management ideas

From: Riccardo Murri <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:03:37 +0100

Il 2007-12-10, Seth Graham <> ha scritto:
> Jonas Pfenniger wrote:
> > It's sad to say, but I think terminal will never be 100% flicker-free
>> when resizing. There is no such thing as loosing line endings because
>> you used Mod-0 instead of Mod-9. In the fact, I'd much prefer them to
>> stay at 80char (or a multiple). It sounds weird to craft a special
>> rule for xterm and it's brothers but text application are in another
>> world than GUI apps.
> I got around this by hacking up the dotile() function to not resize
> windows, instead it merely moves them around.
> It wasn't a hard change, as I recall I only had to delete two or three
> lines. Last time I did it was dwm 1.5 though, I don't update my laptop
> very often. So maybe it's changed.

I use a similar layout for dwm-4.7 on my laptop: it does not resize
non-master windows, instead they are "piled" up like cards and only
the bottom left corner is visible.

It comes in two flavors: "pileright", which keeps non-master
windows on the right of the zoomed one, and "pilebottom", which puts
the row of non-master windows at the bottom of the screen, under the
zoomed one. (As I write this, I realize that "pilevertical" and
"pilehorizontal" could be better names.)



  * Piling windows requires a different stacking order than the stock
    `restack()` does, so I had to add a `dorestack` global bool to
    dwm.c and execute `restack()` only for layouts that do set

  * Even so, at times a window is raised and obscures other ones - I
    have been too lazy to hunt down for this bug and coded a `show()`
    command instead, which brings the currently selected windows on
    top of the visibility stack.

  * Floating windows are not always kept on top; I make such little
    use of floating applications that I never really cared to fix this
    one either.

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