Re: [dwm] dzen replacing dwm status bar

From: <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 14:39:34 +0100

I'm using it , but I have a fixed-width dzen bar right now (half screen)
I would also be interested in having a dynamic-width dzen statusbar.
For exemple, I would like to write a ion-like notify script, that would pop-up a
message, using only the minimum width...

Rob , do you think it could be easy to add this functionnality to dzen ?


Quoting Ross Mohn <>:

> I'm interested in replacing the right hand side of the dwm status bar
> with dzen. Has someone already worked out best practices for doing this?
> One issues I've run into is the dynamic width of the text printed. For
> example, if I'm piping text into a dzen process and the number of
> characters printed expands, how can I make the dzen window expand? I'm
> sure there are other ways to approach dzen issues and I'd love to see
> some examples in terms of actual placement, etc.
> Thanks! -RPM
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