Re: [dwm] dzen replacing dwm status bar

From: Robert Manea <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 22:50:55 +0100

* ( wrote:


> I'm using it , but I have a fixed-width dzen bar right now (half screen)
> I would also be interested in having a dynamic-width dzen statusbar.
> For exemple, I would like to write a ion-like notify script, that would p=
> op-up a
> message, using only the minimum width...
> Rob , do you think it could be easy to add this functionnality to dzen ?

Well, basically this would not be a problem, though there are some
issues that need a bit thinking.

First we need either some logic or a command line option to specify how
to expand/grow, to the left, right or on both ends.

Then the question arises what to do with the slave window or should we
consider it at all?

Imagine a slave window with a couple of lines with content of different
  a) should all lines be the width of the currently longest line
      - i guess this would look ugly when you're scrolling up/down

  b) should every line have it's minimum possible with
      - this would look strange for sure

  c) both a) and b) and let the user decide what he wants
      - well ...

I'd be happy about some suggestions :).

> Lobzang.

Bye, Rob.
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