[dwm] dinput-0.2.1 and my irc/silc enviroment

From: Christian Dietrich <stettberger_AT_dokucode.de>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 13:20:39 +0100


dinput is an dynamic input shell ( in the spirit of dmenu ) with line
editing support, history function and keybindings. Today is released
0.2.1, which has improved keybinding support, so "Tab=exec(xterm)" would
start an xterm when Tab is pressed. I also added an jump() command to
jump to a specific position in the actual line. And now there is also an
pipe() command, to pipe the actual line through an filter an replace it
with the output of the filter, e.g. pipe(sed 's/a/b/g') whould be
possible. You can download it here[1], and see the README for more

Now i want to give you an example, who i used dinput in my irc/silc

I use an modified version of ii, which supports file transfers and nick
lists per channel and si[2], and ii clone for the silc network. For
displaying the channels i use an sed script to colorize the output of
turbtail -f [3]. The input is done by an zsh script, which invokes
dinput. This script supports following features:

* abbreviations for channels, so you can select #dwm with '/s dwm'
* tab completion for nicks through the pipe() command of dinput
* insert the xclipboard through the popen() command of dinput

And a few special features, especially for bitlbee:
* managing chat windows with different peoples:
  * selecting the chat partner with '/c $person' and open a new window,
    if there isn't an open one.
  * cycling through the chat partners with Ctrl+n

I have also automatic reconnect and channel joining.

If you are interessted in some code, let me know :)


[1] http://dokucode.de/files/dinput-0.2.1.tar.gz
[2] http://dokucode.de/cgi-bin/show.sh?path=/Projects/SilcImproved
[3] http://dokucode.de/pictures/.webthumbs/si-ii.png_m.html

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