Re: [dwm] java 7 and dwm

From: Renick Bell <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 11:34:38 +0900

Anselm> Is IcedTea based on the Sun source code?

" What is IcedTea?

"Not all of the source code that makes up the JDK is available under
an open-source license. In order to build an OpenJDK binary from
source code, you must first download and install one or more of the
following files from which the build process will copy over 'binary
plugs' for these encumbered components." (from

IcedTea is a build harness for the OpenJDK that provides stubs and GNU
Classpath replacements for the encumbered binary plugs, and allows the
OpenJDK to be bootstrapped against GCJ. It is not a fork of the
OpenJDK, and doesn't contain the OpenJDK source code."

Someone brought up this post below with regards to this issue. I lack
enough skill currently to implement such a solution. Has anyone made a
patch for dwm along these lines? Maybe I've overlooked it:

Sylvain> Get the java code, try to compile it with 100% open source tools...

Yeah, obviously I don't really want to be using java. However, I use
SuperCollider ( ) to do realtime
audio stuff. On Linux, SwingOSC is the only way to use GUI code
written by people on Macs or Windows. To be able to play with other
people's work, and for them to be able to use mine, I'm stuck with
SwingOSC for the moment. I'd like to have an alternative (and may
eventually write it myself), but in the meantime I still want to be
able to play with that GUI code while using dwm.

Icedtea seems like the most ethical choice, and it was already
packaged as well. Too bad it doesn't seem to solve the issue. So,
again, any suggestions?


Renick Bell
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