Re: [dwm] java 7 and dwm

From: Sylvain Bertrand <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:22:55 +0100

2008/1/23, Renick Bell <>:
> Anselm> Is IcedTea based on the Sun source code?
> " What is IcedTea?
> "Not all of the source code that makes up the JDK is available under
> an open-source license. In order to build an OpenJDK binary from
> source code, you must first download and install one or more of the
> following files from which the build process will copy over 'binary
> plugs' for these encumbered components." (from
> IcedTea is a build harness for the OpenJDK that provides stubs and GNU
> Classpath replacements for the encumbered binary plugs, and allows the
> OpenJDK to be bootstrapped against GCJ. It is not a fork of the
> OpenJDK, and doesn't contain the OpenJDK source code."

Should be the default build harness for Sun OpenJDK if they want to be
a bit more open source serious.

> Someone brought up this post below with regards to this issue. I lack
> enough skill currently to implement such a solution. Has anyone made a
> patch for dwm along these lines? Maybe I've overlooked it:

Ok, java and its siblings are messes to maintain. Nothing new.

> Sylvain> Get the java code, try to compile it with 100% open source tools...
> Yeah, obviously I don't really want to be using java. However, I use
> SuperCollider ( ) to do realtime
> audio stuff. On Linux, SwingOSC is the only way to use GUI code
> written by people on Macs or Windows. To be able to play with other
> people's work, and for them to be able to use mine, I'm stuck with
> SwingOSC for the moment. I'd like to have an alternative (and may
> eventually write it myself), but in the meantime I still want to be
> able to play with that GUI code while using dwm.

> Icedtea seems like the most ethical choice, and it was already
> packaged as well. Too bad it doesn't seem to solve the issue. So,
> again, any suggestions?

Patch java and/or Code in C.

> Renick
> --
> Renick Bell

I don't think java and its siblings will have room on because:
"Dedicated to software which sucks less.
Home of wmii, dwm, libixp, and other quality software with a focus on
simplicity, clarity, and frugality."
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