Re: [dwm] ntile layout for dwm hg tip

From: Nibble <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 00:02:15 +0200

> You could simplify the code by introducing to two global variables that
> indicate whether the master or tiled area is horizontal.
> So switching to |= would simply set tileh = True and leave masterh
> unchanged and switchting to -|= would set tileh = True and masterh = True.
> So you could simple toggle the behaviour (e.g. MOD-v -> masterh = False,
> MOD-Shift-v -> tileh = False) and don't need four layouts.

I was thinking over that solution, but I feel that setting four different
layouts goes more in accordance with the dwm philosophy (eg. tileh and
tilev). Furthermore, people usually need only one of the nmaster layouts, so
they can safely remove the other ones.

Kind regards,
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