Re: [dwm] dmenu, slock patches; slock DPMS crash

From: Peter Hartlich <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 06:55:28 +0200


> I pushed a changeset into hg tip of slock which attempts to fix
> the DPMS issue without using a separate error handler, hence
> please recheck, If the crash still occurs, there is no other
> choice than wether not supporting DPMS or implementing an error
> handler which ignores BadMatch errors due to DPMSForceLevel
> calls.

Kind of weird: DPMSForceLevel now neither crashes nor switches off
the monitor, instead it displays the root window with a large X logo

Anyway, enabling DPMS without restoring its disabled status later
seems a bit harsh, if it worked. How about adding a DPMS configuration
variable and a note to the README? (Something like the attached patch.)
This would also be nice for those who have DPMS enabled, but prefer
it to be used based on timeout and not immediately when locking the


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