Re: [dwm] bloq may used to ignore keybindings

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 01:53:04 +0200

Martin Sander dixit (2008-04-24, 01:27):

> I like pancake's idea (but I don't have a clue what bloq.mayus is).

Caps lock.

Which, in my case, is mapped to the control-key, as caps-lock is a key I
used probably about three times in my life, everytime by accident.

Always made me wonder, why such an utterly useless key has been given
such a prominent place on modern PC keyboards. Seems someone anticipated
its use in dwm.

> Not when you have a vintage IBM Model M Keyboard. No Mod4 in sight,
> still one of the best keyboards around.

Just had an idea: make caps lock your control key the old-skool-way, and
your ex-control key your mod4. There. A solution. Everyone's happy.



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