Re: [dwm] bloq may used to ignore keybindings

From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 08:37:23 +0200

Antoni Grzymala <> wrote:
> Martin Sander dixit (2008-04-24, 01:27):
> Which, in my case, is mapped to the control-key

so you're probably an emacs user ;-9
vi friends would map escape to caps lock instead

... however, you'll increase your working speed
(if you dont work on foreign computers too often)

tutorial for X
(uses `xmodmap' which is in package xbase-clients on Debian systems)

in the .xinitrc:
  /usr/bin/xmodmap $HOME/.xmodmaprc

in .xmodmaprc
  ! have CAPS_LOCK as second ESC
  remove Lock = Caps_Lock
  keysym Caps_Lock = Escape


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