[dwm] Border hater, border lover

From: Sunnan <sunnan_AT_handgranat.org>
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2008 15:41:02 +0200

I didn't want to set border size to 0 because I do like them when I
have more then one client on the screen at the same time, but I don't
want them when I just have one.

So I suggest something like this:

in monocle:
resize(c, wx-c->bw, wy-c->bw, ww, wh, False);

(as per Alexander Polakov's suggestion that I found in this list's archives.)

in tile:
  resize(c, wx-c->bw, wy-c->bw, ww, wh, False);
  resize(c, wx, wy, mw - 2 * c->bw, wh - 2 * c->bw, resizehints);

in bstack:
(I love bstack (maybe because I hate widescreen) and I hardly ever use the regular tile mode.)

  resize(c, wx-c->bw, wy-c->bw, ww, wh, False);
  resize(c, wx, wy, ww - 2 * c->bw, mh - 2 * c->bw, resizehints);

Ugh, I'd rather fold those if/elses back into one with ternaries, but
then we'd need three conditionals instead of one. (Which the compiler
would probably catch, anyway...)

So, in closing:
I love dwm (just switched to the main branch from good old
dwm-4.6-rfigura once I realized that bstack was available as a patch) and
this is my first post to this list.

I hope that this functionality can go into main; it doesn't increase
the mental load on the user (like toggleborders or a config option
would) since it happens automatically, but if you don't like it, I'll

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