Re: [dwm] suckless mail

From: Premysl Hruby <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 19:01:05 +0200


I'm personally using mutt+msmtp+isync for mail, but maybe you can be
happy with something like msmtp+fetchmail+mailx(light cli mail reader)


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> I have been thinking these days on writing something suckless for
> managing my mail. I don't know if any of you is happy with any mail
> client, but I do not feel comfortable with any of them.
> mutt is quite nice but is 'big' and there are so many open bugs like
> closing the connections when receiving a window-resize event. which is
> quite anoying.. sylpheed have some socket-locking problems, evolution is
> awesomely bloated and is not very nice when resizing the window.
> This is why I am thinking on writing a set of small tools for managing
> the mail in a minimalistic way.
> What I have in mind is something more simple that can be done without
> many LOCs and splitting the problem in multiple programs will achieve a
> better.
> - pop3 client
> - imap client
> - smtp client
> - mbox/mdir client with support for mime
> - frontend shell or so
> using inotify() on Linux is quite simple to get notifications of new
> files in certain directories, so it will be possible to get the events
> of new mails using maildir or mbox in this way.
> Extracting the headers of a mail is something really simple with any
> basic shell tools.
> Im currently out of time for coding such stuff, but I think that maybe
> there's more people interesting on finding an almost decent solution for
> reading the mail without those complications.
> The frontend for the mail should be able to follow mail threads, sort by
> date or grep by contents.
> following these concepts shouldnt be hard to create an usable frontend
> for the web or a phone/pda...squirrelmail is also to blame...and writing
> a simple cgi using these tools will be quite simple and useful.
> I hope this brainstorming helps somebody to start coding them.
> What do you think? are you happy with your MUA?
> --pancake

Premysl "Anydot" Hruby,
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