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From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 21:01:52 +0200

[2008-08-26 18:11] pancake <>
> I have been thinking these days on writing something suckless for
> managing my mail. I don't know if any of you is happy with any mail
> client, but I do not feel comfortable with any of them.

you're not the only one ;-)

> This is why I am thinking on writing a set of small tools for managing
> the mail in a minimalistic way.
> What I have in mind is something more simple that can be done without
> many LOCs and splitting the problem in multiple programs will achieve a
> better.

have a look at `nmh'
It's probably not the smallest set of tools, but it's designed with
the Unix philosophy in mind.
It uses the shell als interface to the tools, so everything is
combinable with `sed', `awk' and arbitrary hand-written tools.

> - pop3 client

there are a lot of existing ones
I still use `fetchmail' but there should be some small ones.
You should do a good search first

> - imap client

(dont use that)

> - smtp client

That's called a MTA
`qmail' looks small (20k SLOC)
`masqmail' is even smaller (10k SLOC)
(I'll start my diploma thesis about the latter in 3 weeks, and plan to
maintain it in future.)

> - mbox/mdir client with support for mime
> - frontend shell or so

see `nmh'

> Im currently out of time for coding such stuff, but I think that maybe
> there's more people interesting on finding an almost decent solution for
> reading the mail without those complications.

I currently read a (free available) book about `MH' and `nmh'. I will
post a link tomorrow.

> What do you think? are you happy with your MUA?

`mutt' that I use is not too bad, but it has structural and conceptual
disharmonies ... that's what I dont like on it.
But for the amount of mails I have to manage, `mailx' isnt really

I'm looking forward in deep-testing `nmh'.


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