[dwm] dwm: request to discuss

From: Maxim Vuets <maxim.vuets_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 23:21:34 +0300

Hi folks,

Firstly I want to sorry beforehand if my questions were already discussed.
I am new for this mailling list and young for dwm (:

I know dwm for almost one year. I have used ion3 before, awesome and
tried to use xmonad after. But now I'm again with dwm and don't want
switch to something another. Quite the contrary---I wanna improve it
as much as I can and want.

dwm is great because it is simple and comprehended.
You can hack, fork, fix it... anything! It sucks less (:

So. What I want to know is that why dwm uses built-in status bar,
when even such "heavy" WM as metacity does not has such one?
The problems I see: dwm somehow needs to pass current tags
status. Not a problem in fact. And not a requirement, is not it?
Also dwm must do a padding to make another bar to fit. (Not sure.)
Advantages: a lot. You can any status bar you want. (We can write
our own suckless status bar.) (;
Unix-way, because WM will just manage windows, but not shows
some additional info. (Recall xmonad---it does not has status bar,
only via extensions.)
No body will annoy about that "stupid squares". *joking*

Next, tags. Really cool idea for sure. But let's be honest: how much
of us use them as tags, not as workspaces? I think not much.
The most common usage would be the kinda this: you have tags
"www", "devel", "gfx", "movie" and so on. On the first one you keep
browser, mail reader. On the second one---vim or emacs, terminal
or two... Etc. From time to time you are switching among them.
This way is called named workspaces. No?
I don't propose to get rid of tags, no! I propose to introduce
workspaces in addition to tags. It will be just sets which keep
current layout and selected tags. That's all!
I want to use some layout scheme to one set of windows and
another layout to another set. dwm cannot do it. awesome can
(exactly for 2.x, don't know about 3.x). But it is broken---it tryies to use
tags (yes, they are still tags) as workspaces. It remembers layout per

Also small title for each window may be usufull. (Especilly, if status bar
will be separated to 3rd-party app.) But not sure. Seems that it does not
conform to the dwm philosophy.

Thanks for your attention.

Hoc est simplicissimum!
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