Re: [dwm] dwm: request to discuss

From: Matthias-Christian Ott <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 01:00:52 +0200

Maxim Vuets wrote:
> Hi folks,

> Firstly I want to sorry beforehand if my questions were already discussed.
> I am new for this mailling list and young for dwm (:
> I know dwm for almost one year. I have used ion3 before, awesome and
> tried to use xmonad after. But now I'm again with dwm and don't want
> switch to something another. Quite the contrary---I wanna improve it
> as much as I can and want.
> dwm is great because it is simple and comprehended.
> You can hack, fork, fix it... anything! It sucks less (:
> So. What I want to know is that why dwm uses built-in status bar,
> when even such "heavy" WM as metacity does not has such one?
> The problems I see: dwm somehow needs to pass current tags
> status. Not a problem in fact. And not a requirement, is not it?
> Also dwm must do a padding to make another bar to fit. (Not sure.)
> Advantages: a lot. You can any status bar you want. (We can write
> our own suckless status bar.) (;
> Unix-way, because WM will just manage windows, but not shows
> some additional info. (Recall xmonad---it does not has status bar,
> only via extensions.)
> No body will annoy about that "stupid squares". *joking*

I think this was already discussed, just search the archive.
> Next, tags. Really cool idea for sure. But let's be honest: how much
> of us use them as tags, not as workspaces? I think not much.
> The most common usage would be the kinda this: you have tags
> "www", "devel", "gfx", "movie" and so on. On the first one you keep
> browser, mail reader. On the second one---vim or emacs, terminal
> or two... Etc. From time to time you are switching among them.
> This way is called named workspaces. No?
> I don't propose to get rid of tags, no! I propose to introduce
> workspaces in addition to tags. It will be just sets which keep
> current layout and selected tags. That's all!


That makes sense to me, but where do you want to place the workspace

> I want to use some layout scheme to one set of windows and
> another layout to another set. dwm cannot do it. awesome can
> (exactly for 2.x, don't know about 3.x). But it is broken---it tryies to use
> tags (yes, they are still tags) as workspaces. It remembers layout per
> tag.


Another nice feature would be a workspace deck or tag deck. This way
multiple tags or workspaces can be overlay each other on multiple
layers. I don't if this really practically relevant.
> Also small title for each window may be usufull. (Especilly, if status bar
> will be separated to 3rd-party app.) But not sure. Seems that it does not
> conform to the dwm philosophy.
> Thanks for your attention.

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