Re: [dwm] Asustek EEE PC 1000 Atom 1GB 40G SSD Linux Black

From: Jason Thigpen <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 08:52:08 -0500

I too am considering one of these extremely portable notebooks. My own
opinion is that the ideal notebook is small, light, truly portable while
still being useful. I have been using a Del C400 as my main notebook
for a few years now and have been extremely happy with its
portable-ness. My biggest complaint is the battery life. Even after
replacing the aging battery it will not get more than 1.5hrs. It
currently runs fbsd, but have also use debian with similar results.
Even still, I am not convinced that a brand new notebook would have an
order of magnitude better battery performance.

Also consider that Dell just released a little 9"-er in the $350USD -
$450USD price range.


On 9/5/2008, "Kurt H Maier" <> wrote:

>I have a string of thinkpads. The newest model I have is a T43, and
>after my wife brought home an X41 on loan from her employer I
>considered buying one. Sure, you can get a used x-series for not much
>money, but I bought an Acer Aspire One[1] for $300 -- and it's under
>warranty, I don't have to worry about replacing the worn-out battery,
>and all the other things that come with a new computer instead of a
>used one.
>dwm works just fine on 1024x600 -- I don't understand the people who
>complain about screen size. I use the same font I used on my 124 dpi
>T43[2] and I have no problems.
>Anyway, it's (as usual) a matter of personal preference, but this
>machine is much smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around all day
>than an X41. I can only assume that calling these machines "toys" is
>a deliberate troll. Nobody's claiming that netbooks are desktop
>replacements, but not all of us want to lug a 19" laptop around
>everywhere we go. A computer's a computer.
># Kurt H Maier
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