[dwm] window move lag

From: Mate Nagy <mnagy_AT_port70.net>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 16:39:51 +0200

 let's say that I have a number of floating windows running complicated
OpenGL applications. When I move them around (by mod+mouse1 drag),
moving the window each step takes some time. This time is larger than
the frequency at which dwm gets mousemotions, thus the movement lags
behind the mouse.
 This is rather annoying :) (It also applies to resizing.)
 Would it be "easily" possible to skip superfluous mousemotions when
they're received in one bunch?
 The lag effect is noticable for me when I run two concurrent floating
glxgears instances (otherwise, the 'complicated application' is the
FlightGear flight sim in my case).

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