Re: [dwm] Asustek EEE PC 1000 Atom 1GB 40G SSD Linux Black

From: Matthias-Christian Ott <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 17:46:21 +0200

Kurt H Maier wrote:
> > But tiling doesn't work effectively on these screens (at least on my
> > screen it doesn't).
> I haven't had any problems. I just use bottomstack.

OK, this may work somehow (Yes, I tried it). I prefer nmaster with no
stacking area (currently I'm running vanilla dwm). By the way is there
a reason why dwm has no nmaster by default (even 2wm has this)?
> > All the world seems to be busy (or at least pretend this) and therefore
> > has to run around with mobile devices (mobile phones, laptops, ...) in
> > order to do their "important" work. In my opinion these mobile devices
> > are just modern today and people often just buy them and use them in the
> > public for no reason, just to show who they are. It became some kind of
> > status symbol.
> > If your at an airport, just look at the screens of these "business
> > men" - nearly nobody of them does serious work (or at least I got the
> > impression). You can also observe this at internet cafes or railway
> > stations.
> I don't see how this relates to whether or not a netbook is a useful
> tool, or how it relates to whether dwm runs well on one.

I don't see this too. It was more likely some critical pseudo-philosophic
statement that relates to it in the broader sense. In the future just
ignore these verbose digressions I make.
In this particular sense I just changed the topic from "Should I buy an
EEE PC 1000?" to "Is it necessary to have a portable computer?",
therefore it doesn't answer the initial question, but maybe can
contribute to it's answer.
> #Kurt H Maier

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