Re: [dwm] Asustek EEE PC 1000 Atom 1GB 40G SSD Linux Black

From: Martin Sander <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 12:58:53 +0200

Hey. I thought about buying a netbook, too, and here are my two cents:

I saw the Eeepc 900 sitting next to a Acer Aspire One in a shop and
tried both of them, and I have one major conclusion:
If touchtyping is important for you (and I guess it is, otherwise you
wouldn't be reading this mailing list), go for the Acer. Or at least try
both the Eeepc and the Acer's keyboards.

The touchpads are crap of course, but all touchpads are if you ask me.
Maybe lenovo wants a share of the netbook market and there will be a
thinkpad netbook with a red "nipple", that would be nice.

As for the small screens:
My Thinkpad x21 (1024x768) was the reason I started using dwm in the
first place, although I have to admit that I use dwm in a
monocle-kind-of way most of the time on that laptop.

Btw. if you try the Acer in a shop, try opening a terminal and typing
"sudo su"..


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