Re: [dwm] Inclusion of DWM Wiki Pages in DWM tarball

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 08:27:40 +0200

On 9/7/08, Amit Uttamchandani <> wrote:
> Why not include the DWM wiki pages in a "doc/" directory in the source
> tarball? It wouldn't bump up the size significantly and it would greatly
> help a lot of users. I guess one could ask why not just go to the online
> browse the wiki? In my case, I find that I am not online most of the time
> and having the documentation at hand in the tarball is a great reference for
> when I want to configure DWM.

the wiki is a mercurial repository, ie. you can clone the whole wiki
with revision history and browse it offline

the wiki may change more frequently than the dwm releases

the wiki is huge compared to dwm ( >1MB when compressed without history)

the wiki is a completely separate thing, we could include all the
suckless tools in dwm tarball by that logic
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