Re: [dwm] slowness in moving windows OR vlc/mplayer crash

From: yy <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 17:18:05 +0200

2008/9/9 Anselm R Garbe <>:
> The window moving/resizing code might be changed after dwm-5.2 which I
> plan to release tonight. My favorite is just keeping a server grab
> during the resize/move to prevent clients from redrawing since they
> won't receive any events during that time. The current code however
> has been implemented as is on purpose, because I kind of liked the
> idea to see terminal refreshing themselves during resizals. But I
> might never actually used this, since I'm normally in tiled mode
> only...
> Kind regards,
> --Anselm

I really need the redraw to manage gimp windows, sometimes I just have
to see what they are doing to know the size I want, I have the same
problem with image viewers, openoffice, etc, but if the server grab
solution is simpler I won't matter maintaining a patch for that, maybe
a patch where you can define in rules if you want incremental resizes
for a given window class or something...
BTW, I think 5.2 will be a great release (and I haven't had any
problems with mplayer so far).


- yiyus || JGL .
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