Re: [dwm] 5.2 problems

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 11:45:27 +0100

2008/9/12 pancake <>:
> I have just pull the 5.2 release and start trying it and find some nasty
> problems when handling the slave area..
> Example:
> * open one pidgin and 20 terminals.
> the pidgin window changes it size all the time (not all slave windows
> have the same size). This is because:
> 1- with resizehints enabled it is possible to loose windows (located
> outside the screen)

tile() tries to reduce wasted space with resizehints and pidgin is a
window which accepts any size and doesn't set increment hints, that's
why it's used as kind of remaining space window in this scenario.

> 2- without resizehints . the latest window in the slave area
> heres a shot without resizehints:
> if i close some some terminals the latest window height (pidgin) is
> reduced, and after some more closed terminals it gets bigger again.
> is this how it should be? looks quite anoying to me.

Hmm, that is really odd if so. The tile height calculation might be
very unprecise with big divisors, since we live in integer arithmetic.
Better results could be achieved if we use floating point arithmetic
instead. I think we should address this issue in 5.3 as well (besides
the resize issues with heavy drawing-based apps).

Kind regards,
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