[dwm] [Offtopic] Virtual Server Hosting

From: Matthias-Christian Ott <ott_AT_enolink.de>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 15:17:52 +0200

I'm currently searching for a virtual server hosting provider. I tried
gandi.net (because suckless.org is hosted there), but as I got to know
afterwards they just provide outdated distributions and don't seem to
use hardware virtualisation. I'm a bit despaired, because my current
hosting contract expires soon, I need a good server as soon as possible.

I have established some criteria that have to be fulfilled (sorted by

  ! Ability to install custom operating systems via CD image (optionally
    via virtual disk image)
  ! Hardware virtualisation (AMD-V or Intel VT), so I can install an
    unmodified kernel and don't have to create own images
  + < 64 MB RAM
  + < 5 GB disk space
  + Unlimited traffic or cheap prices
  + Multiple IP addresses possible
  + Secondary DNS Service

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