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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 18:16:41 +0200


Just a question inspired by this thread:

* Donald Chai <> [2008-08-29 14:10]:
> Another thing is that since I use dvtm when I can't use dwm, I have
> ALT-j cycle through windows, rather than "CTRL-g j". So I don't ever
> have to punch in "CTRL-g j CTRL-g j" :)

I use both dwm and dvtm. And when I am forced to use windoze I use
cygwin+dwm too, so I almost always use dvtm from within dwm -- when I log
to other remote machines of mine. (That's why I like the Status bar of dvtm
too). I slowly get used to type C-g-<whatever> but often it is still a bit
confusing when I'm not aware that I'm inside dvtm, and expect to move
around with MOD-<whatever>...

The best way to cope with this seems to me to be a key binding for
switching on/off grabbing MOD in dwm. Say, MOD-g, like in
- MOD-3 // goto tag "3", where the dvtm terminal is running
- MOD-G // stop grabbing MOD
- MOD-j,k,... // do what I want in dvtm with the dwm/dvtm key bindings
- MOD-G // (uppercase G!=g dvtm grid layout) start grabbing MOD
- MOD-<.> // back in dwm world

Well, _not grab_ is perhaps better said _pass through_, I don't know ...

Does this sound meaningful?
Is it doable without much overhead?


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