Re: [dwm] Can dwm ignore tray utilities out of the box?

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 19:02:35 +0100

You should define some junk tag and tag such clients accordingly in
some rule, then you could avoid binding any keybinding to this junk
tag that you would never see them, except from clicking the tag.


2008/10/25 Thayer Williams <>:
> Alright, so here goes my silly newb post #1...
> Is it possible to run a tray utility, such as trayer or stalonetray,
> and have dwm ignore it completely? I've tried various tray settings
> and I also found what I thought was a relevant snippet from a recent
> (v5.2) config.h. It mentioned an extended set of Rules, which I
> adopted for trayer:
> /* class instance title tags mask
> isfloating isignored isontop*/
> { "trayer", NULL, NULL, 0, True,
> True, True },
> But this doesn't have the expected effect so I maybe wrong about its intention.
> My main goal is to make it so that trays are not selectable as a
> client--I'd also like the keep the tray on top of the statusbar at all
> times.
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