[hackers] [surf] modal browsing

From: ssd <ssd_AT_mailless.org>
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2017 01:59:44 +0200


modal browsing hasn't been first class citizen in surf. but given the
recent activity in adding features and webkit2 may be there is a
slightly better chance now.

attached is another rewrite of the modal browsing patch.

I find particularly appealing the fact that when implemented in the
browser code, it is independent of the JS loading policy. (AFAIR there
are alternative implementations as plug-ins which can be adapted and used
in .surf/script.js.)

what the patch provides:

- command line switch to enable modes
- the default behaviour is unchanged
- when enabled, modes resemble 2 vi inspired modes: "insert mode" and "normal mode"
  - insert mode is equivalent to the default behaviour
  - in normal mode, the MODKEY is assumed pressed, i.e. the bindings are
    active without pressing MODKEY.

in addition:

- the patch shifts around some default bindings in config.def.h to make
  the new functionality more consistent.


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