Re: [hackers] [dwm][patch] Make EWMH windows float

From: Jakub Leszczak <>
Date: Thu, 14 May 2020 14:06:26 +0200


> Gimp also sets a WM_WINDOW_ROLE string:
> WM_WINDOW_ROLE(STRING) = "gimp-toolbox-1"

Depends on which tools/window, each has different string. For example
"brushes" is WM_WINDOW_ROLE(STRING) = "gimp-dock-6".

> As a workaround for Gimp (...)

Gimp was just an example from my side. At this point I don't even
remember what application I used that used utility windows (it wasn't
gimp). Despite the date on the patch I actually made it around year
ago (date changed after rebasing etc). I needed it for some program.

> Although its a preference: some might want to tile the utility windows

On one hand I would agree, on the other hand you could apply the same
logic to the current state of the code and special handling of dialog
window types.

> Maybe this can be integrated into the applyrules() matching logic?

It could be. But it is not exactly the same thing. applyrules() runs
only on manage(), but updatewindowtype() runs on manage() and also on

I attach example of a diff that would use applyrules(). BTW I noticed
now that getatomprop() is missing in the list of static function

Jakub Leszczak

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