[wmii] Can't get new key bindings to work

From: Curtis Spencer <thorin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 11:52:09 -0700


 I have been trying to put up some key bindings to do controls to mpd,
 namely mpc toggle, mpc next, etc. I am having trouble making new key
 bindings using wmir. I have tried the following:

 $ wmir read /keys/mode/normal/mod1+t

 $ wmir create /keys/mode/normal/mod1+s
 $ wmir write /keys/mode/normal/mod1+s term
 $ wmir read /keys/mode/normal/mod1+t

 Yet, when I press mod1+s, I don't get a terminal executing. What am I
 doing wrong? I am running snapshot 1017.

 Once I get terminal working what should a call to mpc look like?
 wmir write /keys/mode/normal/mod1+s "mpc toggle" ?
 or in wmirc

 kbind $MODKEY+s "mpc toggle" ?

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