Re: [wmii] Whither wmi?

From: Uriel <>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 10:56:24 +0100

wmi-10 was the worst WM I have ever used, even ion-1 was much better.

wmii-1 did some things right technically, but made other really retarded
decisions(nested frames and static layouts crap), against my advice.

wmii-2 was a huge step towards what a window manager should be: a
program that manages windows and gets out of the way, not a program you
spend hours fiddling around with.

I expect wmii-3 to polish some of the technical rough spots in
wmii-2(the focus mess in particular), and remove some of the old
crap(config system), and hopefully for once we well see some real
stabilization rather than just keep hacking stuff randomly.

If you want Ion, you know were to find it. People that like to spend
time "configuring" their window managers(or any other software) have too
much spare time and should get a life.


On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 05:42:02PM -0400, Karl Guertin wrote:
> I've been using wmi for about a year on my laptop and loved the window
> manager. I recently switched jobs and picked up a new debian desktop
> in the process. Since I couldn't find any wmi-10 .deb files, I
> installed wmii-2.
> It makes me crazy. I strongly dislike every interaction design
> decision made in the wmi-10 to wmii-2 transition. I can, upon request,
> provide a detailed list of greviances, but I suspect it will stir up a
> lot of trouble for no reason.
> Is it possible to make wmii-2 (or the upcoming -3) behave like wmi-10?
> I know one of the motivations for the rewrite is to make the system
> more flexible, so I figured it's worth a shot. If that isn't possible,
> can anybody provide an old .deb file for wmi-10?
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