Re: [wmii] Whither wmi?

From: zimba <>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 11:39:45 +0200

Andreas Happe a écrit :

>On Tuesday 25 October 2005 09:50, Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
>>The new (revised) layout interface for the column layout has
>>been defined to be able to realize these requirements, because
>>another user wanted to hack such wmi-10 layout for wmii based on
>>the new interface (which might be around 150 LOC) sometime ago.
>>And I suspect he'll do so.
>hm.. guess that would be me.
>I've still got a version from 7/24/2005 floating around which supports splits
>and moving around in the frameset by select-*. Since then I've reverted to
>ion3 as wmii never seemed stable enough for my daily usage (will retry it
>when the next wmii generation is released) and the user base appeared rather
>These patches were done before you changed the API to suite alternative
>layouts better, so it will not apply to current versions of wmii (though
>changes should be rather small).
>best regards,
> mailing list
Hi Andreas,

Here is my "testimony".

I fell in love with wmi-10, and I also like wmii.
wmii-1 was not really stable.
wmii-2 was already pretty stable. the only problem was the bar disappearing.
now I'm using wmii from darcs and it works really great.
I use wmii every day, to code ruby and html, browse the web, chat, ...

This is to say that there are happy users, and maybe not everybody is
posting to this mailing list

Thank you Anselm,

  Jonas Pfenniger

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