Re: [wmii] Whither wmi?

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 17:13:54 +0100 (BST)

Anselm wrote:
> >>The new (revised) layout interface for the column
> layout has
> >>been defined to be able to realize these
> requirements, because
> >>another user wanted to hack such wmi-10 layout for
> wmii based on
> >>the new interface (which might be around 150 LOC)
> sometime ago.
> >>And I suspect he'll do so.

Going off at a slight tangent here: anybody on this
list knowledgeable about human computer interaction/
cognitive psychology and in particular any good
references to what characteristics human "visual
spatial memory" has? I ask because I'm trying to
figure out how tiling-capable window manager/tabbed
applications "should" work to get the most leverage
off visual memory and interfere with it least. (I try
and compare how I use windows on my computer with how
I work with various bits of paper on my desk when I'm
doing work in the physical world; I certainly use
spatial memory a lot then without really being aware
of it.)

I feel I ought to agree with the supporters of the
dynamically resizing acme style layouts, but I must
admit in practice I "feel" less disoriented
materialising windows into panes which don't move
around. I'm just wondering if this is something which
people have looked at and figure out already.

Oh, and another voice of thanks to Anselm for all his
work developing wmii.

cheers, dave

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