Re: [wmii] snap 20051031

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 16:14:09 +0100

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 03:33:28PM +0100, Tobias Walkowiak wrote:
> hi garbeam, some remarks on the latest snap

hi loyal long-time wmi(i)-user!

> - you seem to get rid of the little overheaded scripts and key events
> are defined in wmirc. that is good! and i hope you intend to keep
> it!?!?

YES, we want at least actions as possible and only those who are
absolutely necessary.

> - why ~/.wmii-3/ as the new home of the personal config stuff? i think
> i once voted for doing such stupid crap but please return to ~/.wmii/
> in wmii-3 final

There are pros and cons and I'm not sure yet. The current plan
is to keep the wmii-3 directory names to prevent users from
mixing up things with old wmii-2 CONFDIR crap. The non-elegant
alterantive would be to shred CONFDIR/wmii on install time.
In midterm (wmii-4-current) we should return to the old wmii
directory names.

> - did something change in drawing the clients' border? it seems (apart
> from new colours) to look a bit different. the 20051017 snap looked
> better IMO

Yes. I simplified the drawing routine and style stuff to allow
only 1 border color for consistency reasons. It looks like now. (I was able to remove
about 150 LOC).

> - the prog listing in the bar after ctrl-alt-p looks terrible! fixed
> fields for the prog names (those who are longer than the field are
> cut!) and the big spaces ... please change it back!

That is a simplification which needs further fine tuning. I
changed both, wmibar and wmimenu to test some prototypical
behavior for the upcoming 9P versions of them. With them the
rendering of wmimenu might be much simplier and intelligent,
because we can get a sane data model then, which can be used for

> ok, thats it for now. i let myself surprise about the stability of the
> wmibar ;)

The prototypical bar code is about 150 LOC reduced as well.

If you want some fine-tuned wmirc with nicer fonts and aterms,
see (that only works with


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