Re: [wmii] snap 20051031

From: Chris Foster <>
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 06:59:06 +1000

Hi Anselm,

> > - why ~/.wmii-3/ as the new home of the personal config stuff? i think
> > i once voted for doing such stupid crap but please return to ~/.wmii/
> > in wmii-3 final
> There are pros and cons and I'm not sure yet. The current plan
> is to keep the wmii-3 directory names to prevent users from
> mixing up things with old wmii-2 CONFDIR crap. The non-elegant
> alterantive would be to shred CONFDIR/wmii on install time.

Yuck (though I see the problem). Might I suggest that you just
automatically move the old .wmii/ to .wmii/wmii_conf_old/ or something &
warn the user? This is what I've been doing since the config breaks so
often between snaps... It's then pretty easy to copy over any of the
things which haven't changed; certinally not ideal but it works.

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