[wmii] Grid Layout Adjustments

From: Jared Buckner <mauz_AT_buckner.dnsalias.net>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 16:06:02 -0500

Developers, et. al:

I downloaded and built wmii-2 recently and love it. However, I was frustrated
with the grid layout. I have an odd display size (3200x1200) -- when this is
gridded I get odd-ratio frames.

So I recoded the get_base_geometry function to generate the number of
rows/columns such that each frame is as close as possible to a pre-set `golden'
aspect ratio. For my display, this is much more useful.

My questions are:

 1 - The ratio is currently a constant in the code, but it probably should be a
     value which can be set according to your file-system view of things. I'm
     not familiar enough with the virtual file system to know how to do that.

 2 - I think others might be interested in the code change. How do I submit a
     patch for testing?

I have really enjoyed the switch to wmii. I look forward to more customization

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short p,i=0,l[]={0x6391,0x77F8,0x7D88,0x77F8,0x63FD},e;main(){while(i<250){p=
i/2%5;e=l[i/50]>>3*(i/10%5)&7;putchar("  \\_"[(p!=4&&("Oasy"[e/2]>>p+(e%2?0:4
))&1)*2+i%2]);if(!(p=++i%50)){putchar('\n');while(p++<i/50){putchar(' ');}}}}
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