[wmii] new snap: 20051215

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 03:06:08 +0100

Hi there,

long awaited, a new snap: http://wmii.de/snaps/wmii-20051215.tar.gz

See also last part of this mail, if you don't read all...

(the tgz is nearly 10k smaller than the previous snap ;)

Well, this snap contains the new column layout which is not well
documented yet, and it is quite different to the 20051114 snap.
The snap contains only the float and the column layout (tiled,
max, vsplit and grid have been removed, column is a superset of
all). Also, note that all commands have now the 'wmii' prefix,
which means:

  wmibar -> wmiibar
  wmimenu -> wmiimenu
  wmikeys -> wmiikeys
  wmifs -> wmiifs
  wmir -> wmiir
  wmirc -> wmiirc

Note the last, that wmirc has been renamed into wmiirc. If you
tweaked your wmirc in last snap, you have to merge with the new
wmiirc as well, several things have changed, esp. the variable
names, there are following now:


Note, to see tabs in the window frames set TAB=1, all label
heights are calculated dynamically dependend on the choosen font
now. I know that the default theme of the wmiirc contained in
the snap sucks, if you got a nice style, lemme know, we're
seeking one for wmii-3 final.
BAR_ALIGN can be set to north alternatively, as you can check it
out from my individual wmiirc in http://wmii.de/dotfiles

If you are using customized status scripts etc. make sure to
rename wmir-occurences into 'wmiir'.

Note as well, that I removed resize and move mode from that
wmiirc, because wmiikeys will change soon and the mode concept
will be solved in a different way.

NOTES about new _column_ layout:

* To navigate between frames in a column use M-Tab, to navigate
between clients within an unlocked frame use M-S-Tab. (or better
M-j, M-k, resp. M-S-j and M-S-k)

* To create a new column, you need to have two frames in the
current column at least and press M-n.

* To swap the selected frame to the left column use M-Return, to
swap the selected frame to the right column use M-S-Return.

* To navigate between columns use M-h and M-l respectivly.

* To navigate between pages, use M-S-h and M-S-l now (or
M-S-[0...9] as usual).

Other notes:

- The indexes begin at 0 now, not at 1. This is just taste, but
  I like it.

This is experimental software, don't expect production ready
quality, though the stability is mich higher than wmii-1.

- M-S-a behaves weird atm, don't try it (single attach through
  M-a works as expected)
- There are new bugs, although several old annoying bugs have been

Please send me backtraces, and other feedback that we can finish
things asap to gain release quality soon.


 Anselm R. Garbe  ><><  www.ebrag.de  ><><  GPG key: 0D73F361
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