Re: [wmii] new snap: 20051215

From: Uli Ruffler <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 06:30:15 +0100

Hi Anselm,

On 15/12/05, Anselm R. Garbe <> wrote:
> I know that the default theme of the wmiirc contained in
> the snap sucks, if you got a nice style, lemme know, we're
> seeking one for wmii-3 final.

I am not using tabs, but for tabbed frames they are useful. So I
changed the frameconf function and the client-update to do this.

fn frameconf {
    wmiir write $1/event/b2press 'wmiir write /wm/ctl close'
    normstyle $1/nstyle
    selstyle $1/sstyle
    clients=`{wmiir read $1/client}
    if(test $#clients -lt 3)
        wmiir write $1/tab 0
    if not
        wmiir write $1/tab $TAB
    wmiir write $1/handleinc $HANDLEINC
    if(~ $2 refresh)
        wmiir write $1/geometry +0,+0,+0,+0 # causes refresh

wmiir write /wm/event/clientupdate \
'clients=`{wmiir read /wm/sel/layout/sel/frame/sel/client} ; \
if(test $#clients -lt 3) wmiir write /wm/sel/layout/sel/frame/sel/tab 0 ; \
if not wmiir write /wm/sel/layout/sel/frame/sel/tab '^$TAB^'; \
text=`{wmiir read /wm/sel/layout/sel/frame/sel/client/sel/name} \
wmiir write /bar/'^$clab^'/data $"text'

For wmii-20051114 this worked just fine. In the new snap i have to
move the mouse pointer sometimes to get a client update.

Regards, Uli
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