Re: [wmii] Some ideas of layouts

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 08:54:05 +0100

Hello all.

I like Jani's ideas (though I have no idea how difficult
it is to implement them), especially:
- creation of empty frames:
  Creating an empty frame that may be selected and a new
  client is automatically attached to that frame, seems
  more natural to me.
- stacking of frames:
  Remembers me of larswm's way to handle managed and
  floating windows. Sometimes I found myself of having
  a floating window in front of managed ones and clicking
  on the latter doesn't rise them. This is unexpected and
  there's need to switch at least between a managed and
  an unmanaged layer.
  Jani extends this to multiple stackable layers or frames.
  Wether or not it is useful to handle floating windows
  as managed windows without boundary conditions I'm not
  sure. One would a have a lot of empty (but selectable?)
- layout:
  Some questions arise: To what extent shall this layout
  scheme be scalable? And how to implement the selection
  movement then? E.g. think of this (weird) layout:
  |1 |2 |5 |
  | |----| |
  | |3 | |
  | |----| |
  | |4 | |
  |6 |8 |
  |------| |
  |7 | |

  ((1 ((2 (3 4)) 5) ((6 7) 8))

Other ideas:
- resizing:
  I'm missing resizing features for floating windows only.
  Larswm has shortcuts to toggle vertical, horizontal and
  full screen maximization. One can do the maximization
  with wmii as well, but not switch back to the normal
  size afterwards.
- tiling:
  I liked larswm's tiling mode a lot. Have your focused
  window in the largest/main frame and stack others away.
  If resizing of the other frames is disabled even
  terminals keep there full content when moving them to
  the main frame again. Are there other ways to achieve
- mouse focus:
  Make the sloppy focus configurable.

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