Re: [wmii] Stacks

From: Karel Miklav <>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 06:56:07 +0100

David Tweed wrote:
> long way from perfect. In particular, there's still
> the problem that, due to common parts of file names --
> eg,, movementClassifier.hh,
> movementClassifierModule.hh,,
>, .... ad nauseam -- picking
> the name you want out of a menu still requires looking
> at menu items that it requires concentration to tell
> apart.

Wow, you're mapping the filesystem to WM. That explains
everything you guys are doing here. I don't have
experience with Plan9 so I didn't get the WMII efforts
at first.

I'm a happy user of WMI-10 which looks like the end of
window management saga for me. The next thing I'm looking
for is a semantic interface to the system; I don't even
want to know what window is ... Wow, I do make grandiose
moronic distractions.

Anyway, big thanks for your time and the WMI.

Karel Miklav
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