Re: [wmii] sh flame with Uriel

From: Aaron Griffin <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 12:34:53 -0600

On 2/28/06, Uriel <> wrote:
> > I'm pretty sure most users have the gnu utilities installed anyway.
> > If they don't, they're probably running LFS or something, but those
> > are edge cases. In this regard I agree 100% with Anselm. If
> > plan9port was more 'standard' on Linux systems
> If you haven't noticed, there are more operating systems than Linux, most of
> which don't include GNU utilities by default (and the ones that do are
> trying to get rid of that crap as soon as possible.)

We are not specifically talking about linux here, it just so happens
that WMII runs on X11, of which there are 2 major X servers supporting
X11 - XFree86 and, both of which require the GNU utilities.
Sure there are other options, and you can always replace all the
scripts distributed with each server, but that's not the real
discussion here.

Can you please point me to some article/mailing list thread where a
non-Linux OS is "trying to get rid of that crap as soon as possible".
Of course, logically, this would mean they have "that crap" to begin

> > this would be a
> > non-issue, but as it stands, requiring some 20-40MB chunk of binaries
> > just so I can run a "lightweight" window manager is missing the point,
> > I think.
> Before making such completely baseless comments and pulling random
> numbers out of thin air, please inform yourself of what this
> discussion is about.

plan9port is 23MB on Archlinux. Assuming an additional download of
the source for systems such as gentoo or via FreeBSD ports, that's
+17MB. Please do not assume things are arbitrary without knowing
where they came from.

And for your last "point" (I use the term very lightly), we are
discussing WMII. We are not discussing the overall benefits of sh vs
rc, we are discussing the benefits of sh vs rc _within the context of
wmii_. Nothing more. This is not a discussion of global politics or
some other overly grand scheme you like to

> And thanks to everyone else that commented about tabs in this thread
> for showing once more lusers have no clue what is good for them or for
> anyone.

Random flame! People from Sweden are dumb! I hate Poland!
Seriously... what was the point of the above statement?

> If we had listened to lusers, wmii would still be the hideous
> abomination that wmi was, and probably much worse by now.

I actually liked wmi, design- and usage-wise. The above statement is
100% subjective.
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