Re: [wmii] summary of some #wmii talk on 2006-03-02

From: Frank Ehmsen <>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 09:03:49 +0100


Quoting Uriel <>:

> Who the hell came up with the idea of "capacity"?!?! the idea was
> _exclusive flag_
> which is simpler, clean and easy to understand.
> Note: probably "exclusive" flag would actually mean 'push all new
> clients to the right' so it can be easily set on cols that have
> already more than one client, I certainly can't see why there should
> be anything difficult about its implementation.

I agree with uriel. This sound simple and powerfull.

> This makes the whole system much more dynamic as one can create and
> delete windows and one doesn't have to worry about keeping track of
> existing cols and of reclaiming the space of empty cols, and one
> doesn't waste space with the title for the col.

I agree. Please, no manual Column Management. This is a dynamic WM.
Keep it simple.


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